What is Freestyle Vipassana?


Buddhist Monk 1993 – 2002

International Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Intensive Retreat Facilitator, Author, Spiritual Advisor and Founder of Freestyle Vipassana. Jeff shares the principles and virtues of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Karma Compassion, Wisdom and Harmony.

His motto: LIVE and LEARN, LAUGH and LOVE.


Freestyle vipassana is not a new system or a new technique, style, school or tradition. It is simply a term for a way to practice and a way many modern seekers of truth may find conducive to their path.

FREESTYLE means without specific form or posture but refers to mindfulness in everything we do as much as possible. Also, this is for anyone and everyone of any race, culture, religion or any belief system. Young or old, healthy, sick or weak, happy or depressed, it’s for anyone who wants to know their own TRUTH.


The principle is to be purely aware of whatever is arising in the body and mind, here and now. It is very simple!

FREESTYLE is just the practice of freedom and that is what the buddha taught, FREEDOM from suffering.

Vipassana is for everyone and just like the teaching of the Buddha it does not belong to Buddhists or any school or sect that may attempt to claim it as their own. It is in the true meaning of the words, a universal teaching and practice that leads to liberation for anyone who wishes to be free.


The most famous style of Vipassana meditation known across the world is the 10 day silent retreat by S.N. Goenka from Myanmar. There are many different styles of vipassana in Myanmar, the modern home of vipassana meditation. My teacher’s teacher was Mahasi Sayadaw who also has a very famous technique. There are others such as Mogoke, Sunlun, Pa Auk and more.


One of the greatest insights we may have through Vipassana is the dissolution of the body and mental fabrications, including beliefs. Freestyle Vipassana is the dissolution of Vipassana as a static or formal practice, it goes beyond style, it goes beyond form, it goes beyond rules and regulations and rites and rituals in the sense that it is pure awareness that leads to pure insight and purification of mind, Nibbana, enlightenment.


Wisdom is the accumulation of many insights that forms the fabric of the mind and the way we live life, making more conscious and wise decisions. This means we naturally avoid anything harmful and negative and promote all that is beneficial and positive. Basically transforming unwholesome karma into wholesome karma.


To understand the principles of Freestyle Vipassana will hold you in good stead for your daily life wherever you go and whatever you do. Another way to call this is general mindfulness rather than the specific mindfulness in sitting meditation. The mindfulness in formal meditation must also transfer to our daily life and in particular our thoughts, mental reactions and emotions.